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ArcadeQuest the Future of Casual Gaming

Arcadequest is a flash gaming community. Created to support game players and developers, we provide our users with the tools to find, play, and interact with our diverse collection of flash games and their authors. Game authors and publishers may submit their games to our portal easily, gaining rank and popularity depending on the users' response.

Arcadequest was created by Arkeni who continues to run the main day to day operations. The initial backend development was completed by a hired hand and helped lay the foundations for what you see now. With ongoing development starting in late 2007 until now Arcadequest has progressed from a simple game submission site to a full fledged community for game players and developers.

Arcadequest is an ever-expanding and improving website, aiming to always provide users with the newest and most exciting ways to discover and play new flash games. We hope to someday fill this page with a grand timelined history of all the many versions of Arcadequest that have led to the current version, but at the moment we are focusing more on improving the site than writing timelines.

Arcadequest is a free casual gaming portal which offers flash-based games directly to consumers. The company is a new entrant in an increasingly competitive market. Arcadequest has succeeded in differentiating itself from other free casual game portals. First the company has adopted a 'user-generated content' approach, allowing every developer to upload flash games onto its portal.

Secondly, the company has managed to gain the confidence of many game developers with its business model and strategy, thus securing games of higher quality. Finally, the company is building a strong and loyal community around its game platform.

Its core marketing message relies on three key pillars:

1. Independent - Arcadequest offers 'indie' flash games (from independent developers), as opposed to professionally-developed flash games which cost USD20 to download and can be found on popular portals such as MSN Games and Yahoo! Games. Indeed the company provides independent developers with the opportunity to upload and moneize their flash games directly on its consumer portal.

2. Social - The company has focused on creating a compelling social environment around the games themselves. Arcadequest provides user with a wide range of social features including: profiles, where people can browse awards and leave messages, share favorites and chat; game ratings and comments. To user high score contest, where user can win prizes for getting this best score on a game. There is also a contest for developers.

3. Democratic - Arcadequest intends to create an entirely user generated community around flash games, where content is democratically managed. The portal doesn't make any selections of uploaded games, letting users rank, comment and 'flag as inappropriate' new games. The best rated games are featrued on the homepage and are awarded a monthly cash prize.

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