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Question: How does the developer contest work?
Answer: When you submit your game, you keep all rights to your game. You decide whether to distribute your game over our current network of 32 sites and growing weekly. Your game will be listed in our contest box on the main page. The contest runs from the 1st of the month to the last day of the month at 11:59:59pm. The current prize is $250 usd for the winner, which is decided by the user vote. We have a Star rating system from 1 star (the lowest) to 5 stars (the highest).
Question: How does the User High Score contest work?
Answer: Its easy, just play the game listed in the news box as the ‘high score game of the month’ and earn the highest score on that game during that month, you win the displayed prize of that month.
Question: Who has the rights to the games submit?
Answer: You maintain all rights to your game, on the developers page click whether you want your game distributed over our network of over 32 sites.
Question: Does the High score API have to be included in the game?
Answer: No, it does not. But we believe that by including it will get more users to play it.
Question: Does Arcadequest sponsor games?
Answer: Yes, we do sponsor games that meet our business model, 1- an original creation, 2 – must not be widely distributed (no elusive agreements with other sites), 3- Our flash intro, ads, logo and high score api must be included in the game, 4- Game must not be site-locked. Send a email to to request sponsorship. Please allow 72 hours for response.
Question: How does the point system work?
Answer: You earn points for posting comments, rating games and playing games.
Question: How do I implement the high score API?
Answer: Set our variable score equal to your score variable (just replace the variable score with your varible for score) and insert our two lines of code after you set the variable. Execute the code at games end, normally the ‘submit score’ button.
Question: Will I be sent to another site, like many arcade sites do today?
Answer: If you are a registered user, and you have logged in. You will never be forwarded to another site. All games will be played on Arcadequest.
Question: Are the games on Arcadequest safe for children?
Answer: We test all games prior to adding them to our library, to ensure the quality of the game. We do not have adult related games on our site.
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