A used, intact CRT means a CRT whose vacuum has not been released. --Panda10 11:59, 14 June 2008 (UTC), It's been protected since Oct 2007 with the reason: "vandal target - leave for a few days then delete with "misspelling of" comment". --Daniel Polansky 08:25, 27 June 2008 (UTC), A while back I was trying to figure out how to pronounce a place name. Discharge or hazardous waste discharge means the accidental or intentional spilling, leaking, pumping, pouring, emitting, emptying, or dumping of hazardous waste into or on any land or water. Shouldn't this be changed? Ex. A unit in which the combustion chamber and the primary energy recovery section(s) are joined only by ducts or connections carrying flue gas is not integrally designed; however, secondary energy recovery equipment (such as economizers or air preheaters) need not be physically formed into the same unit as the combustion chamber and the primary energy recovery section. Final closure means the closure of all hazardous waste management units at the facility in accordance with all applicable closure requirements so that hazardous waste management activities under parts 264 and 265 of this chapter are no longer conducted at the facility unless subject to the provisions in § 262.34. (12) Halogen acid furnaces (HAFs) for the production of acid from halogenated hazardous waste generated by chemical production facilities where the furnace is located on the site of a chemical production facility, the acid product has a halogen acid content of at least 3%, the acid product is used in a manufacturing process, and, except for hazardous waste burned as fuel, hazardous waste fed to the furnace has a minimum halogen content of 20% as-generated. Pile means any non-containerized accumulation of solid, nonflowing hazardous waste that is used for treatment or storage and that is not a containment building. only synonyms and antonyms are differentiated since Idioms, Colloquialisms and Slang will be defined as such in wiktionary. In contrast, they are usually unacceptable in non-prepositional verbs. --Ptcamn 04:44, 30 June 2008 (UTC), Mutante and I were playing around with some lists of Unicode characters, we decided that it would be both possible and useful to create entries for those unicode characters about which we have no information. I would try Help in the navigation pane. Am I suffering from (yet another) foolish misunderstanding or is there a wider confusion as to the difference? Every definition should be separated, and italics are not necessary. Their approach is more complex than that. Mercury-containing equipment means a device or part of a device (including thermostats, but excluding batteries and lamps) that contains elemental mercury integral to its function. Zombie nouns do their worst damage when they gather in jargon-generating packs and infect every noun, verb and adjective in sight: globe becomes global becomes globalize becomes globalization. The meaning of the verb in a phrasal verb often, but not always, changes. Boiler means an enclosed device using controlled flame combustion and having the following characteristics: (i) The unit must have physical provisions for recovering and exporting thermal energy in the form of steam, heated fluids, or heated gases; and, (ii) The unit's combustion chamber and primary energy recovery sections(s) must be of integral design. Injection well means a well into which fluids are injected. Should we add, to our extremely long list of things to do, the creation of pronunciation guides for words we do not include? Airbag waste means any hazardous waste airbag modules or hazardous waste airbag inflators. Zone of engineering control means an area under the control of the owner/operator that, upon detection of a hazardous waste release, can be readily cleaned up prior to the release of hazardous waste or hazardous constituents to ground water or surface water. On-site means the same or geographically contiguous property which may be divided by public or private right-of-way, provided the entrance and exit between the properties is at a cross-roads intersection, and access is by crossing as opposed to going along, the right-of-way. It uses one-to-many and many-to-many connections. Rod (A. Smith) 19:18, 13 June 2008 (UTC), Could someone please help me out with an addition to this template? The Help page could have a link to the Glossary. (3) 100 kilograms (220 lbs) of any residue or contaminated soil, water, or other debris resulting from the cleanup of a spill, into or on any land or water, of any acute hazardous waste listed in § 261.31 or § 261.33(e) of this chapter. If a language parameter is entered, the template categorizes the word into [[:Category:{{{lang}}} articles which need {{{1}}} script]] instead of [[:Category:Articles which need {{{1}}} script]]. We should consider adding the word "definition" to the visible text of our entries. (See also “existing tank system.”). Typical particles found in phrasal verbs:-, Areas of uncertainty and conflicting opinion:-. For the main (Translingual) character section: The only example I know are kokkun(国訓): Japanese meaning, for which we could add a template: {{ja-kokkun}}, Nbarth (email) (talk) 00:58, 8 June 2008 (UTC), to Template:yue-hanzi, as it is an (important) Chinese template? Is there a way to add audio to the word lists we have in Wiktionary (indexes, categories)? Users scrolled below the fold only 42% of the time on content pages that had "below-the-fold" material. An individual generation site, such as a large manufacturing plant, may have one or more sources of hazardous waste but is considered a single or individual generation site if the site or property is contiguous. Sorb means to either adsorb or absorb, or both. The simplest acyclic alkynes with only one triple bond and no other functional groups form a homologous series with the general chemical formula C n H 2n−2.Alkynes are traditionally known as acetylenes, although the name acetylene also refers … Destination facility means a facility that treats, disposes of, or recycles a particular category of universal waste, except those management activities described in paragraphs (a) and (c) of §§ 273.13 and 273.33 of this chapter. Storage means the holding of hazardous waste for a temporary period, at the end of which the hazardous waste is treated, disposed of, or stored elsewhere. Federal agency means any department, agency, or other instrumentality of the Federal Government, any independent agency or establishment of the Federal Government including any Government corporation, and the Government Printing Office. I see several changes that I think would be beneficial to the wikisaurus project. CRT exporter means any person in the United States who initiates a transaction to send used CRTs outside the United States or its territories for recycling or reuse, or any intermediary in the United States arranging for such export. Hazardous secondary material means a secondary material (e.g., spent material, by-product, or sludge) that, when discarded, would be identified as hazardous waste under part 261 of this chapter. (Following Template:cmn-hanzi. EPA identification number means the number assigned by EPA to each generator, transporter, and treatment, storage, or disposal facility. --EncycloPetey 21:14, 25 June 2008 (UTC). Just wanted to let people know and open up the floor to any conflicting opinions on the matter. Also, the bots task will be to let me know when a page is blanked, and ask if i would like to undo the vandalism. Currently it displays par1 and par2 in italics and puts the PAGENAME into a default category. (2) Meets the definition of tank, tank system, container, transport vehicle, or vessel in § 260.10 of this chapter. # P2P_GO and P2P_GROUP_FORMATION modes must use PBSS in IEEE 802.11ad network. In practice, this means that types declared in foo.c and foo.h will have debug information, but types declared in other header will not. I hope my logic is correct -- it's very easy to make a mistake in this kind of tedious bit-work. Landfill cell means a discrete volume of a hazardous waste landfill which uses a liner to provide isolation of wastes from adjacent cells or wastes. Couldn't we just let the process be our workhorse? Examples of common universal waste electric lamps include, but are not limited to, fluorescent, high intensity discharge, neon, mercury vapor, high pressure sodium, and metal halide lamps. Such situations may require immediate and expeditious action by an explosives or munitions emergency response specialist to control, mitigate, or eliminate the threat. Active portion means that portion of a facility where treatment, storage, or disposal operations are being or have been conducted after the effective date of part 261 of this chapter and which is not a closed portion. Conrad.Irwin 21:54, 1 June 2008 (UTC), This edit got me thinking- I don't have any knowledge of Ancient Greek or how it is pronounced, but what if I could flag the edit and have it show up on some kind of watch list (or just the normal watch list) for people who had knowledge of the language? All of these need to be addressed. So how should the entry be titled? Examples of landfill cells are trenches and pits. We'll be using links for almost everything. An entry with multiple images (See, It is hard to see the value of the vast amounts of white space, Definitely applies to nouns and phrases as well (, Notify me when there is vandalism (i.e, page has been deleted or content removed). Wipe means a woven or non-woven shop towel, rag, pad, or swab made of wood pulp, fabric, cotton, polyester blends, or other material. — Paul G 10:11, 3 June 2008 (UTC), While working with Dutch inflections I noticed that all the pages and templates list past participles as verbs. Rod (A. Smith) 19:34, 24 June 2008 (UTC), Merriam Webster is the leading English dictionary site without a special deal with Google. ), Nbarth (email) (talk) 16:28, 8 June 2008 (UTC). Confined aquifer means an aquifer bounded above and below by impermeable beds or by beds of distinctly lower permeability than that of the aquifer itself; an aquifer containing confined ground water. (See also “Existing hazardous waste management facility”. Leak-detection system means a system capable of detecting the failure of either the primary or secondary containment structure or the presence of a release of hazardous waste or accumulated liquid in the secondary containment structure. This section describes the options supported by gcc, the driver program of the GNU Compiler Collection, whose C compiler and assembler are used here.This program is called either by tigcc or by the … I'm hoping by seeing the page in action y'all will get a better understanding of how we can use the nature of the internet to do our work. Please, tell me if this action is unwanted. We can push the link boxes down to "See also", but there would be a lot of entry modification required. And for this purpose, it would be useful to add something like