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As you know the object of Craps is to predict the outcome of a roll of the dice. It is as difficult as to predict somebody's fate. That samurai couldn't predict his fate too he didn't know that he would wander about different countries with the purpose to find something unusual for his emperor. That march was the most tiresome and perilous in his life. He saw many interesting things, which were created by clever and ingenious people, but there was no thing to strike emperor's imagination. After ten years of the searching the emaciated man decided to go home. On his way back he stopped in one house to spend the night. The masters were hospitable and the food was excellent and what attracted the man's attention greatly was the game people played after dinner. That game was absorbing and samurai bought its rules and equipment. After that excellent acquisition, the man was going home in elevated mood when he was tightened in the ring of highway robbers. They took up the swards and the battle began. Our hero left much blood on the earth but all his enemies were beaten! Samurai returned to the emperor's palace as a winner and introduced the game. It made a great impression on the imperator and he was promoted to the rank of commander-in-chief in his army.



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