Canon (n)FD 2.8/20, FYI, I’m gonna use it for landscape using Graduated filter. Handling isn’t the greatest on the A7 cameras: you have to get an adapter to change the aperture and there is a slight slack in the focusing ring when changing the direction of rotation but size and weight are definetly the/my main concerns here. The Sigma 14-24 is probably as good too, but also not small. It’s surprising that this lens sells in eBay for around $800 in good condition (I was lucky to get a mint condition couple of years back). BEST F4: Sony FE 70-200mm f/4 G OSS Lens | Price: $1,498 Versatile telephoto zoom lens that takes over right where the FE 24-70mm leaves off. Would you do a comparison review of it against f5.6/10? Haida has announced a so far unique round filter system for this Sigma zoom. I think you’ll be very happy. Zeiss Loxia 35mm f/2 Biogon T* The Zeiss Loxia 35mm f/2 feels nothing like the Sony 35mm f/2.8. Contrast is always high. Two years ago the Fujifilm X-Pro1 reminded me of what great pleasure it had been to work with the Contax G. This time my memory went back to the pioneering autofocus Minoltas. Jannik’s Choice: Sigma Art 14-24mm 2.8 DG DN, David’s Choice: Zeiss Batis Distagon T* 18mm f2.8, Juriaan’s Choice: Voigtlander 15mm 4.5 SWH E. The following two tabs change content below. Above average size with very good build quality. Is it advisable to buy the 10mm and get used to it and during that time also use it if needed in APSC format (A7iii allows you to) when the effective focal length will be 15mm. I was just wondering if anybody here used an apsc fisheye on fullframe and how were the results. The Konica Minolta 17-35 2,8 would make more sense IMO since it’s FF glass. At longer focal lengths vignetting is still significant. One push gets you a 7x magnification, and another one double that. Thanks for sharing your experience! Sold that second copy after release of the much better Laowa 9mm 5.6. I’ve owned the Tamron 10-24 APS-C A-Mount lens, fun on APS-C, but while it covered the FF sensor from 12mm onwards it was really mushy outside the center. My 20mm shows the same problems as in Phillip’s test. Sony’s G Master lenses promise a particularly high level of detail and outstanding bokeh. He lived in Turkey, India and SouthEast Asia before arriving in Japan two years later. Bokeh isn’t too bad either. Although I have no need for autofocus, the candidates at the moment are 16-35 f4 or 18 2.8 batis. Furthermore, real estate indoor photography (if I got it right and that is what you want to do) may be one of the fields where I would prefer a zoom lens. Canon EF-S 10-18/4.5-5.6, usable 14-18mm with an apparently easy modification to the back of the lens so it fits into an MC-11. That’s a great article. 355g | $800 | full Review | aperture series | sample images, buy from | | B&H (affiliate links). Better than has been my experience with other digital camera on which I’ve tried it. None of us is a regular fisheye shooter. Decent sharpness at f/1.8, much better from f/2.8, High coma, so not a good choice for astrophotography at wider apertures, High vignetting, mediocre flare resistance, Excellent center and good across the frame sharpness from f/2. Nevertheless there are a few lenses that simply stick, so we decided to let each of us pick one of the aforementioned lenses and tell you why we like it and/or keep using it. Update is in the works. But were you thinking of using an APS fisheye to get a circular fisheye on FF? The Tamron feels like a better choice for me: I don’t really know what I want, but want to be able to shoot landscape, architecture and dabble a bit in astro as well. have you tried it? Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a998f72c9e5bb302b347e31a6bb923a0" );document.getElementById("ec40ba21ed").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Already at f/2.8 the sharpness across frame near infinity can be very good but mind a little field curvature. As I am searching for cheap options ,therefore these two lenses I googled for and found very good considering ‘ bang for bucks’ .But other lens ideas are also welcomed unless pricey. I tried the following lenses and some of them amazed me: Status: used by Jannik for a short time in the past, 360g + adapter | $200 | buy from ebay | Sony E-mount adapters  (affiliate links). Prices are all over the place for that lens, I picked mine up for 100€ (+ 20€ for the lens hood, how are people always losing their hoods?). But one thing you cannot customize is the monitor or viewfinder selection. GM 16-35 The real question is of course if the performance is negatively impacted by adapters on E-mount, and if ZE or ZF mounts are better or worse in this respect. Keep the field curvature in mind and focus carefully. Still considering buying a cheap electronic-less adapter to give Would you be interested in testing the Sigma 14-24 2.8 DN with the Haida rear ND filter set ? I already think about the filter, samyang 14mm have samyang special filter holder for the lens, you can ebay it and also they use 165 filter systems. The price is significant but justified. While not perfect the Laowa is much better in handling lens flare. give it to you for the time you need for the testings. The 18 is not too wide for general wide use. I have not been able to find any direct image comparisons of Zeiss Milvus or classic lenses on E-mount vs native CaNikon, would be an interesting topic I think. I have seen some images taken with the adapters and the added bokeh ability seems appealing for portraits. Kind regards and please keep up your great work! Karel left the Netherlands in 1960 at the age of 19, with one hundred dollars, with the idea to hitchhike to India (before there were hippies). He worked as a newspaper correspondent covering a large chunk of Asia for 16 years before it became possible to live on income from writing books. Interesting I have a Canon A1 and recently I also bought an a7ii and I owned few nice FD lenses. It is excellent overall, and I’m very pleased with its light weight, not-large size, and its use of 77mm filters. Based on your comment I bought the Tokina 17/3.5 and it is on the way to me! Already at f/2.8 the sharpness across frame is very good at the wide end. Well worth the ten minutes. It is the only one I made, sorry! We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. The Sony A7 / A7R / A7S / A7II has become quite a popular camera in 2014 — a full frame mirrorless camera that’s about half the size of a DSLR full-frame. The best zoom lenses for the Sony a7 III. Well under $200 are the 50/1.4 ML and 55/2.8 macro ML (ML indicates multicoating). … 2. Greetings, Peak performance is around f/8.0 for all focal lenghts, vignetting is quite good from f/5.6 onwards (less than 1 EV). When focusing at the center of the frame you need f/11 to f/16 for best across frame sharpness and the corners are still merely okay. What’s on the roadmap for 2021: New Sony A9x camera, new RX, new A7IV, 35mm f/1.4 GM and 16mm f/1.8 GM; Sony Digital Camera WW111327 Registration Found. I started with a Panasonic 47MP S1R body and chose the Sigma 14-24/2.8 Art (native-L-mount).. Any of the M42 lenses. While I prefer the angle and compacity of the 20 mm, the 17 mm is at another level in terms of performance. You have to use f/8 for best sharpness across most of the frame, the extreme corners still gain a little contrast at f/11, Almost no distortion, quite good flare resistance, beautiful 10-stroke sunstars, heavy vignetting, No significant sample variation reported (In contrast to the 4.5/15), Much better performance on Sony E-Mount cameras than the M-Mount version II, Not as fast as the 15mm, not as wide as the 10mm and maybe therefore it has already been discontinued. An UWA lens almost without real flaws. My targets are cheap third party lenses like 7artiSan 7mm f2.5 E mount or the Samyang 8mm fisheye for APSC e mount. +++ If you like what you read on THEME, please consider supporting this site by purchasing gear via these trusted partner links. When I scaledown the images I took with this lens to 12Mp, they are not that bad, roughly comparable to your result on a Nikon D700 but, at 24Mp I think it’s quite a bit worse, worse than my Minolta MD 20/2.8. There is no coma, no flares (comes with collapsible hood) and very easy to focus (I feel this is the best big lens I used in MF – because it has reachable focus ring and very easy to navigate unlike zoom lenses). Hey guys, Sony 55mm F1.8 Sonnar T FE ZA Full Frame Prime Lens - Fixed. This is one of the rare cases where a zoom outperforms many primes. There is no reason not to use the M-mount version on a helicoid adapter and if you can live without EXIF information the M-mount version is a good choice. UWA lenses developed very fast during the last decades. Why manual lenses on the Sony a7 series are a smart choice. Great info – have you done something similar for fisheye lenses? The following is a guest post from Phillip Reeve. Nikon 15mm f/3.5 AIS – Specialty of this lens is no distortion at 15mm and very sharp even wide open. Maybe have a look at 16-35mm 2.8 GM or the Sigma 14-24mm 2.8 Art DG DN, unfortnately both lenses I don’t have much personal experience with. IR A7 away at Kolari Vision for the existing IR filter (standard 2mm thick 830nm), to be swapped for one of their new “Thin” 850nm, Anti-reflection coated filters. But still 150 and therefore it cannot cheap. Yes I do. Have you tried the Tokina 17/3.5 on an A7? or the new batis. The Voigtländer adapter I had used with it was indeed of lesser quality than I had been led to believe. The pictures are very sharp (I can’t even apply some sharpness in LR) and the character is similar to those $2000+ lenses. It feels so good to read your reviews and those beautiful pictures you take. An exceptional lens. Wondering whether this could be due to the adapter, I tested five different adapters with the Biogon against a lace curtain illuminated by sunlight. Thank you BastianK for your reply The M39 12mm 5.6 is not a very good idea on the A7r, the Sensor is least suited to rangefinder wide angle lenses. When it comes to zoom lenses this is what I suggest: Sony FE 12-24mm f/4 G (Amazon, B&H)Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM (Amazon, B&H)Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM (Amazon, B&H)Sony FE 70-200mm f/2.8 GM OSS (Amazon, B&H)Sony has the entire range covered, and the zooms and AF combine perfectly with the a7/a7 series of cameras. The 15mm in my mind is the safe choice with the relative ease of composing a pic but the possibility of a 10mm excites me too. I always say that I am not much of a super-wideangle user and the only lens below 21mm I currently own is the FE 4/16-35 but when I have it attached to the camera it actually happens quite often that I end up using it at it’s wide end. You need pretty big filters and a lens specific adapter for the 14mm 2.8 Samyang. Please have a look at my 28mm 2.0 Ultron Review, I have explained this in great detail there:, Thanks for the excellent write-up. Proh ‘inspired’ by Batis but more budget friendly.. Nisi 100mm filters will neither fit on 12-24 nor on 14-24 zooms. As you mentioned replacing the Samyang 14/2.8, I would say the newer 14/2.4 is a big step up. I just finished my summer-long search for the best UW for me.. The lovely Voigtländer Heliar 15mm F4.5, which has performed exceptionally well on the cropped Fujifilm X sensors, shows very much of the notorious magenta shading on the A7R. Also I see that the current emount is version III. There's always something new to discover here, not least for our popular Live Rumors and Live News feeds. I will consider that for the next update. I’m pleasantly surprised at it’s usability. These lenses, famous for their color and sometimes sharpness, are the half-hidden treasure trove for those who lament the scarcity of Sony glass. Very good sharpness at infinity, but distortion is so high that correction will steal away some resolution in the corners, Slow autofocus and bad manual focus implementation, Maximum magnification of 1:2, but at these distances only good image quality close to the center of the frame, A lens that can give good results but is not very pleasant to use, maybe consider having a closer look at the Tamron 2.8/17-28. All of us have used many lenses and we all have bought and sold some of them for whatever reason. You can use any of our affiliate links (in our FE guide there should be plenty) if you make any purchase, it will still work even if the link is for another article. Back when I was a poor student price/performance was super important. Coma correction wide open is also very good which makes this a great lens for astrophotography. With ultrawides (including Fisheyes) an adapter with very exact length is recommended, those are usually a bit more pricey. Among the longer ones the 100mm F2.8 Macro (with an exact copy in the Sony lens lineup) appears to be made for the 36MP sensor. Discover our high quality range of over 40 interchangeable camera lenses including A-mount and E-mount lenses crafted for a range of shooting situations. But in most cases we have bought the lenses new from retail stores or on on the used market.Â. Corners are ok, coma correction is pretty decent. Super wide angle territory is, as we know, problematic for digital sensors. Bought and sold by Jannik. 518g | $1348 | full review |  sample images, buy from | | B&H photo (affiliate links), Status: sample loaned by manufacturer reviewed by Bastian and Jannik, buy from | | B&H (affiliate links). Copy&Paste error on the 2.8/16-35 GM? The University of Amsterdam asked him to become professor of comparative political and economic institutions, a position he held until retirement seven years ago. Many lenses suffer from a different diseases, mainly all kind of aberrations. Flare resistance, bulk and price seems to be the only disadvantage compared to the better primes. Zeiss recommends Novoflex adapters, but I have no reports as to real loss of corner performance, sensor reflections, light leaks, etc. And if so, do you have any information where to buy the mount? Will stick with my ‘wavy’ Samyang 14mm until the perfect superwide comes along – yeah, right! Thank you for the advice. Thank you for hosting this really informative and useful website. My conclusion is shared by many a commentator that life is simply too short to have to bother with NEX menus. So you can use Minolta MD lenses. If you don’t really “need” anything wider than 24mm (which is probably most people), dealing with a big honking SLR lens once in a while isn’t so bad. It is sharper than the Voigtlander primes and close to the Batis 18 and Loxia 21 in this regard. Very enjoyable and informative. Regarding legacy wide angles problems on A7 ? Of the various sources on manual lenses your website is simply the best source. I want to have a look how the manually cropped ones differ from inbuilt APSC mode. I own the Tokina MF 17mm F3.5 for Canon FD with my Sony Alpha 7ii. Peak performance is around f/4.0, vignetting is much less pronounced. Juriaan, David and me are not using any ultra wide angle zoom as we prefer much faster primes at the often lacking long end of the zooms. The Tokina has some problems with flare the Contax might not encounter due to the T* coating. Thank you very much! Also, while buying a lens, your precise conclusion helps a lot. Front group is often a bit wobbly. Thanks for the reply and for the effort. But you can do so politely or not at all on this blog. While most Sony lenses are based on Minolta designs improved over time, the site started as an opus to old lenses to only regret later and tell us reader that exactly what was stated they didn’t need is what they ultimately choose: the latest, most expensive Sony lenses. 385g | $650 | review | review, buy from ebay | buy from amazon | B&H | Nikon-G adapters (affiliate links). The Voigtländer Skopar 25mm F4 is a small gem with clickstops on its focus ring, making it useful for street photography, but one indoor test shows that it wasn’t made for a high resolution camera. No deal for many images, but a dealbreaker for some. Huge vignetting wide open, rather bad flare resistance, 6 bladed aperture. Out of 6 lenses I mounted on my camera 4 were badly decentered (of which 3 were new from different dealers). And of course some of what was Minolta can still be found in the better cameras produced by Sony since the electronics giant swallowed the camera maker. Quality writing, industry news and a wide selection of photography topics assure readers the latest and essential on what we all love so much: our gear and photography. Voigtlander 5.6/12 M39 Already at f/4.5 the center as well as midframe region is looking very good. 28/3.5 and 50/1.8, as all being excellent performers in IR, the 35/2.8 isn’t as sharp, but the Nik E 35/2.5 has a very good IR reputation” Nicely balanced in size and weight for Sony a7 Series cameras to give you telephoto reach without weighing you down. This is the only ultra wide that David currently uses, though he says he may get something wider soon. Almost no distortion, ok flare resistance, ok vignetting. 830g + adapter | $1500 (used) | full Review | aperture series | sample images, buy from | | B&H | | (affiliate links), Status: sample loaned by manufacturer reviewed by Bastian. If you only shoot this wide from time to time and stopped down anyways it might be a good choice, as this lens will always fit in your bag. Gear Forum: (From page 2 is with the A7) After picking up my first lens from KEH, I was hooked. Only the 20mm F2.8 disappointed me so far — not sharp enough in the corners. If you need even wider it’s simple to do a 2 or 3 image panorama and get improved image quality at the cost of some hassle, whereas if you get a wider lens, you need to crop to get tighter, which costs you image quality. Indeed. We were thinking about doing that but we probably haven’t tried enough ourselves to write such a guide on these. Good from f/1.8, great across the whole frame stopped down to f/5.6, GM-like build (declickable aperture ring, focus hold button, AF/MF switch). Although I liked how these performed on Sony, realized that these lenses don’t go as much closer like they do on Nikon. Nikon AF-S 300mm f/4D – This lens sells for $1350 from Nikon or avg $550 in eBay, I used mostly for wildlife. it a shot, as I need one for vintage Nikon FF lenses anyway. 2) there's an unusual but quite easy way to attach 77mm filters from about 14mm+. Medium size and weight. Glass of this type are non-motor driven, and operate autonomously of your camera. Center from wide open used market. my collection A7s ( found one new for < 900 $! price/performance super... Improve your experience while you navigate through the website solves all your problems Sony A7II without knowing its potential... And tricks for you to get a inspired ’ by batis but more friendly. Is of more than the zillion pages I was just wondering if anybody here used APSC!, your precise conclusion helps a lot by Phillip then sold meta photography site is first! Gm contains a typo thanks for the Tamron 17-28 awesome review, you... Shooting situations recently discovered that vintage lenses can be pretty sharp with the 2/15 on the A7rII of creating enlarging! Some love in postprocessing ( removal of CA ’ s and sharpening ) found one new